Zakariya was a prophet amongst Banu Israil and was the father of Yahya. He was responsible for the rituals of worship as well as the upkeep of Bait-ul Muqqadas.

Fostering care of Maryam

Maryam was a niece of his wife. The mother of Maryam had dedicated her unborr. child to serve Bait-ul Muqqadas. When she gave birth to a daughter, she did not retract from her vow of dedicating her child in the service of Bait-ul Muqqadas and gave her to the foster care of her uncle, Zakariya.

When she grew up, he started to take her along to the great Mosque and taught her how to take care of all the sacred objects and how to conduct the rituals of worship. When she grew older, he alloted her a room inside the Mosque so that she could carry out her duties independently, and at all times.

The Birth of Yahya

Zakariya had grown old and his wife was infertile. Allah revealed to him that he would have a son very soon who would be a great prophet and a leader. His conduct would be exemplary to all mankind. There had never been any one before him with the same name, and that his name would be Yahya. He would affirm the innocence of Maryam. Zakariya was struck with amazement over the possibility of having a child at his old age and through his wife who had been infertile all her life. Allah conveyed to him that there is nothing that is impossible for Him to do. Allah gave Zakariya His sign for the prophecy, that he would be incapable of verbal communication with any one for a period of three days. So Zakariya was unable to talk for three days as the angel of Allah had forewarned him. Soon afterwards he had the son whom he named Yahya, according to the Will of Allah.

He is known as Zacharia in the Torah.

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