Yahya was bom during the reign of king Harrod who was a puppet monarch under the rulers of Rome. He was the son that Allah had promised to Zakariya in his old age. There had never been any one before him with that name. He had shown compassion to serve mankind right from his childhood. As he grew older, his conduct in the society was cosidered exemplary. He was kind hearted towards others, and was obedient to his parents and elders. He lived strictly according to the Torah and urged others to follow it for their salvation. He gave baptismal rites to all those who listened to his call.

When Bani Israil laid blame on Maryam over the virgin birth of Isa, he bore witness of her piety and innocence. He affirined the prophethood of Isa when he was appointed to his mission by Allah.The Roman rulers disapproved the activities of Yahya and got him killed through the king Harrod.

He is known in the Bible as John the Baptist.

References: al Qur'an in: Sura Ale Imran, Anam, Mariyam, Anmbiya'.

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