Sulayman was one of the sons of Da'ud. Allah appointed him prophet and king after his father and gave him immense wisdom and power over all creation, including the jinns. The stories of his justice are alive to this day. His kingdom expanded as far east as Euphrates river, as far west as Egypt, and as far south as Yamen (known as the kingdem of Saba, or Sheba in the Torah).

The queen of Saba, named Bilqis, was so overwhelmed by the power and wisdom of Sulayman that she gave up her kingdom to become his wife and lived with him and by his side.

He completed the construction of Bait-ul-Muqaddas whose foundations were laid by his father. Sulayman is known as King Solomon in the Torah.

References: al Qur'an may be seen in Sura Baqarah, Nisaa', Anam, Anmbiya'. Nahl, Saba, Jinn.

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