Da'ud (David) was a ninth generation descendant of Yahudah (one of the twelve sons of Ya'qub, known as Judah in Torah). Banu Israil were in war with the Eimaliques, and no one was able to subdue their gigantic king called Jalut (Goliath). Da'ud was still a young lad when he used his sling to kill giant king Jalut (Goliath). He was appointed prophet and king by Allah while Samuel was still alive.

The boundaries of his kingdom expanded during his rule, and he spread the religion of Allah to other territories. He laid the foundations of Bait-ul Muqaddas (the Holy Mosque) Allah gave him the Book Zubur (Psalms in the Torah), that has poetical rhyme and prophetic wisdom in its words. He lived long and ruled his people wisely and in accordance with the laws of Torah.

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