ldris was bom in the seventh generation from Adam and was the great grand father of Nuh (Noah). He was a great prophet form Allah and was the recipient of numerous revelations from Allah. He is the originator of the art of writing, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, sewing, weights and measures, and many useful instruments and implitnents.

It is known that despite his knowledge and piety, the people of his time ignored his teachings and the Lord brought His punishment towards them in the form of a prolonged drought. When they repented, ldris prayed for their forgiveness and the Lord sent down rain to quench the land and swell the rivers for trade and prosperity.

Idris often observed fasting and spent so much of his time in prayers that even the angels in the heavens wondered over his worship. It is said that he was taken away alive by Allah and is kept in occultation by His Will. ldris left a large progeny on Earth from whom Allah chose great leaders and prophets.

He is known as Enoch in Torah.

References: al Qur'an: Sura Matiam and Anmbiya'.

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