Yusha' bin Nun carried out the first assignment of Musa on their first arrival at the Promised land. After the death of Harun he accompanied Musa in the desert for forty years and carried out all the assignments that were previously carried out by Harun. When they returned to the banks of Jordan River after their wretched journeys in the desert, Musa appointed him his deputy and went up the mountain for the last time. He never came back.

It was Yusha' bin Nun who led Bani Israil into the city of Yareho (Jericho) and arranged the settlement of the twelve tribes of Bani Israil in the land of Kin'an. It was his responsibility to personally see the burial of the remains of Prophet Yusuf amongst his forefathers in accordance with his will.

He died when all the task of settling the Israilites was accomplished according to the Will of Allah.

Yusha' bin Nun is known as Jashua in the Torah.

References: His name is not mentioned in al Qur'an but is referred to along with the narratives of Musa in Sura Maidah, Kahaf, Waqeah.

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