Al-Yasa' was the son of Safet and was appointed his khalifa by Ilyas before he vanished into the protection of Allah. He was appointed prophet to Banu Israil after Ilyas.

He inherited from Ilyas the obstinate king and queen of Bani Israil who would not listen to any reason. Al-Yasa' did many miraculous deeds to show them the powers of Allah but they called him a magician like they had called Ilyas before him. They continued defying throughout his life.

After a period of time the mighty Assyrians conquered Bani Israil, destroyed their dwellings including the Bait-ul Muqqadas and took away all the precious relics. They raged such havoc in the land that several tribes of Bani Israil have lost their ancestoral traces to this day.

References: al Qur'an: Sura Anam, Jinn.

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